Hello, There hope all good! First of all Welcome to Mr. Jk Quotes, Here i’m gonna tell you what is Mr. Jk Quotes.

What is Mr. Jk Quotes?

Mr. Jk Quotes is a Social Network that helps peoples to inspire for their dreams and their life goals. You can catch us on every major social media sites. We give you, Your Daily Dos Of Motivation! at our social media network and here I write about Life, Dreamer, Goals, Inspiration, Desire, Success and all the things that can motivate you for your dreams.

Start Up : Mr. Jk Quotes Birthday?

Mr. Jk Quotes started as a Facebook Page and I really get a nice feedback from Facebook Page then I decided to extended it to other social media sites. Now you can catch us on all major social media sites.

Twitter : @MrJkQuotes

Instagram : Instagram.com/MrJkQuotes

Tumblr : MrJkQuotes.tumblr.com

Logo : Story of Logo


Yeah, I know what are you thinking, that really? a story about logo? Well, the answer is yes! Story is really simple not that long, It started from Google, i want a logo for my Facebook Page ( Mr. Jk Quotes) so i just anonymously start search it on Google Images! Then I get something that is call Pics Art it’s an image editing tool for android. I download it to my android, Yeah, I have an Android 😀 Just kidding!

Then i just make this logo!

-The End-

Now your thinking “where the hell is story?” There is no story about logo, I mean there is nothing about logo! I just made it through Pics Art Android App 😀

Phone Number –


Now What?

Well, this is Mr. Jk Quotes and make sure you follow me at our social media networks links in the sidebar and above also! See yaa!!

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