Failure is IMPORTANT** To Handle The Success!

Success comes at 4th place 
1st Dreaming (Ambitions) >> 2nd Action >> 3rd Failure >> 4th Success

There are many Inspirational Stories For Students but here is the one of the most Inspirational Story, that will give an idea how failure is important than success!

Students give up on their first failure! but friends did you know how many time “Thomas Edison” get failed?

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas A. Edison

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Failure Is Important To Be Successful

Comes a time in everyone’s life when all things are happening in your opposition.
Whether you are a programmer or anything else, you would have to stand on that stage of life where everything is going wrong.

Now, whether it be software, which is rejected by all, or any decision which may have proved to be very terrible But truly, failure is more important than success.

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Bijnismen ever in our history, scientist and he was master before becoming successful in life have failed repeatedly. When we’re at so many things right, they will not necessarily.

But if you will give up because of this effort can not succeed, sometimes Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company and the legendary Bilianer Malik

Before becoming successful Ford had failed in five other Bijhnis And then five times in a different Bijhnis drowning in debt because of the failure and broken

But Ford did not do that and today a Bilinear company Malik In the case of the failure of Thomas Alva Edison, the first name that comes.

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Light bulbs were used before it failed 1000

Albert Ainstain did not speak until the age of 4 and 7 years of age was illiterate. People believed him mentally weak but on the strength of its Thori and principles, making it the world’s largest Scientist.

Now just think if Henry Ford’s five business Disappointed after failing to sit, or Addison after 999 failed experiment leaves to expect and even themselves mentally weak Aintain What happens if the value goes down?

We remain unaware of so many great minds and innovations.

So friends, failure is more important than success…


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